Texas Contractor Bonds are tools that help to protect your company and your clients.  Bonds act to make sure that the contracted project will be completed to the satisfaction of all parties.  Bonds also makes sure that all workers and suppliers are paid when the job is done.  If you, the contractor is unable to complete the project according to the contract the bonding company will ensure there is no financial loss to the owner.  Bonds are not required for every project, but are required for government contracts.

Texas Contractors Insurance works with over 100 "A" Rated bonding companies to help you with expertise, affordable premiums, and quality service.  Our dedicated specialists are able to provide your company with the bonds you need to complete your project on time and on budget.  Because of our close relationship with bonding companies, we are able to get your approval within minutes, and help you get started.

Texas Contractors Insurance has certified brokers to make sure you receive your  Texas Contractor Bond quick, easy and error free.

Give us a call at 1-800-329-2040 with your questions about how Texas Contractors Insurance can help protect your business.